Feature list

Basic characteristic

Build related functions

  • Complete setup and administration over web interface
  • Does not require build scripts
  • Project groups, branch trees, dependency trees
  • Support for staged build
  • Simple branch creation for whole dependency tree
  • Distributed build using build servers (build agents)
  • Build staging
  • Project branches tree view
  • Project dependency tree diagram
  • Ability to use build tasks from parent branch of project (using, not copying)
  • Context help
  • Project Notes
  • Night build
  • Continuous integration
  • Manual build
  • Per interval build
  • Build avoidance
  • Error promotion avoidance
  • Version prototype setup (static number, iterating number, VCS revision, branch number)
  • Project referencies forming a dependency tree
  • Automated copying of build artifacts from dependent projects across build servers
  • Manually triggering project integration
  • Forcing project integration
  • Forcing project integration including all its dependencies
  • Temporary schedule build with next VCS change
  • Enable/disable project integration
  • Globally enable/disable integration
Build tools support

Testing tools support

  • Visual studio 2012 (directly supported)
  • Visual studio 2010 (directly supported)
  • Visual studio 2008 (directly supported)
  • Visual studio 2005 (directly supported)
  • Visual studio 2003 (directly supported)
  • ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0 (directly supported)
  • MSBuild
  • NAnt
  • xUnit
  • MSTest
  • NUnit
Version control support

Build results support

  • Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Team foundation server
  • Filesystem - local or windows share (including secured location)
  • No VCS - for projects integrating other projects
  • Browsing through history
  • Displays VCS url and revision on build results page
  • Displays user name (if known) of person who triggered the integration
  • Displays VCS modifications summary/log on build results page
  • Displays dependency diagram of all project versions used to integrate the project
  • Displays build results of dependent projects on build results page
  • Displays formatted/unformatted build log xml data
  • Link to build artifact
  • Can manually delete build artifact
Monitoring functions

Maintenance functions

  • Dashboard summarizing server activity
  • easyCIS server health and occupation status monitoring on web
  • System tray monitoring application
  • RSS feed for each project
  • Send email build task
  • easyCIS server and build server health status monitoring utilities
  • WCF interface of easyCIS server
  • Automated deletion of old build artifacts set for server or for project
  • Export/import projects into xml format
  • Users and user groups administration
  • Rights management
Testers functions

User model

  • Tag integration result
  • Lock/unlock integration result from deletion
  • Anonymous view
  • Developers, Managers, Testers, Administrators roles with different views and functions


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