Why use build server at all?

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Posted by Admin Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:01:54 PM


That's the ultimate question. Why should we be using this kind of tools at all? For most of us it is a common tool, but there are developers and software companies that are still untouched by this "phenomena".

I remember what were the reasons when the thought for a build server first came up in my former employment. There was a hardcore rogue developer there (actually not just one of those) who over the years gain too much control over key company software. He never used any version control software, he never cooperated with anyone else, he never followed any best practice. Nobody but him was able to read and understand his code. But still he got the job done, so management was happy until the work overgrown him and the workflow problems became visible. I suppose this is pretty common story in companies that grow from a small poorly managed teams into something bigger and then they find out how hard it is to change, what was supposed to be done right from the start.

The reason for a build server is obvious then. Both management and other developers (not counting the rogue of course, he protested :) agreed it was necessary to extract as much competences from this developer as possible without actually hurting the build quality. Reasoning is this: If it builds on his machine, it must build on another machine, right?

This is called build neutrality and is an essential feature of build automation.

By the time we've been considering implementing a build server, we've already been using a subversion for many of our projects, so it was not such a big move in thinking as if we haven't been.

The thought of automation somewhat crystallized by itself. If the build is to be done on the server, if it shall be done from the subversion, why not run it by itself on a regular basis? Now we are talking about something that just takes a new version of everything in svn, meaning all company projects with all of their dependencies that no one knows anymore, placing them to specific location on C drive, because that's what the build tool expects them to be and building them the precise way the rogue developer did. Difference here is that it can happen in regular, automated manner and it can include other projects of other people. Not just the rogue's.

Even on this primitive stage you can see first signs of continuous integration, meaning taking people's inputs and integrating them together on regular basis. It's there even if nobody realizes that yet.

The important thing that comes along (or better that precedes) implementing a build server is the change in business processes according to software releases. More on that some other time, but basically whoever works with the release doesn't go for it to the developer guy, but takes it from the build server. Build servers often offers features to support this processes. Sometimes don't. But the main requirement here is always supported. That is build availability. When the rogue is sick and support guy needs a release to write to the cd, then there is a problem, because no one can find it in the mess of his files. Build server sorts releases into understandable folder tree that everyone can easily find.

Good story end then?

It seems there are only positives, right? Actually there are setbacks as well. The biggest one I mentioned is the need to change business processes. The change in a medium-small company is always painful when it involves learning, change in thinking and most importantly replacing what's somewhat working as it is by something that may introduce problems. Even if many understood build automation was a necessary step, some saw it only as a complication and it involved emotion. Enthusiasm on one hand and rejection on the other hand.

After some talks and research, we've settled on night build done by cruisecontrol.net. We've modified and reconfigured it many times after.


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it before, but it be

it before, but it bears repeating: How cool it must be to be you!!!I’m envious of your resourcefulness, your range of knowledge, and your drive. I guess that’s just the Yankee in you, eh?

Hmm&#8230; I made it

Hmm… I made it a while ago and really don’t remember the seasoning amounts. I think we just tasted as we went. A different approach would be to use sausage – Italian, spicy, whatever you like. That’s actually what I use more often than beef, and now I’m beginning to wonder why I posted the beef version and not the pork one…

Impact regarding wil

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What a beautiful pos

What a beautiful post Camilla. This gave me goosebumps. So lovely to see history right there in front of you, of real people in the world. I love your blog :) x

ok ok ale czy napraw

ok ok ale czy naprawiÄ… (poprawiÄ…) wydajność? ChciaÅ‚bym grać bez szarpnięć, zacięć, spadku klatek. Jestem ciekaw czy da siÄ™ TAKI problem naprawić. Chyba jest nas (tych którzy też majÄ… takie kÅ‚opoty z graniem) za maÅ‚o żeby grupa Mojang tym siÄ™ zajęła…a może? Kurcze nie chcÄ™ wracać do 1.7

 ( 2012.02.17 23:3

 ( 2012.02.17 23:37 ) : We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

Exakt davon habe ich

Exakt davon habe ich auch gestern gehört. Zu köstlich!Als Nachsatz wurde im Bericht noch vermerkt: endlich ein Klug-Scheißer-Klo auf dem Markt. Lach!Lieben FreitagsgrußErdbeere

Your's is a point of

Your's is a point of view where real intelligence shines through.

Gave, I really appre

Gave, I really appreciate your "unreview". You are a reviewer but at the same time also a reader. So I liked to read your impression as a reader. I will get my copy of TWELVE in July 2009.I read several books with a "flat" beginning. Despite your unreview – which I understand very well when I think about other books I read – I will give it a try and don't cancel my preorder.Anyway if there is a need for more unreviews please post them.

Précision: les mili

Précision: les militants en question ne se définissent pas nécessairement comme « Ã©colos ». Ils considèrent le vélo comme un moyen de transport bon marché, simple, fiable, agréable, bon pour la santé. Libre à vous de réduire tout cela à l’expression « mes petits amis écolos ».OR

Hocam elinize emegin

Hocam elinize emeginize saglik..yuzde yuz calisan cok etkili bir dua..umudumu neredeyse tamamen kestigim sevgilim besinci gun olmadan aradi.

Heya! Nintendo wii g

Heya! Nintendo wii gaming console that’s absolutely further from content and articles. Did you know how you can make simple and easy your online site cellular telephone safer? My website seems weird in the event that viewing from our new apple iphone. I’m trying to find getting some sort of style or even they they application this were competent to mend the challenges. For individuals through basically any specific strategies, you should consider. Wonderful!

18cParahin Emma, roh

18cParahin Emma, rohkeus ja tinkimättömyys ovat ihailtavia ominaisuuksia vain jos ajaa hyviä ja järkeviä asioita. Nyt asia ei ole niin.Toisaalta saat tästä rahaa kuten aikaisemmin jo totesinkin, joten mielipiteesi asiassa ei lainkaan ihmetytä.

Very informative and

Very informative and trustworthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading

A provocative insigh

A provocative insight! Just what we need!

Dershowitz is a clow

Dershowitz is a clown and Finkelstein has demolished his reputation. He is bad news for Jewish PR ( with apologies to Mooser for implying there is such a thing). The Dersh is rabid and he does no justice to the ordinary Jews of Israel who need thoughtful people rather than demagogues to represent their best interests. I guess he never got therapy for the Shoah either. Or else he’s an example of how the Jewish community needs a few more generations to figure out how to use power effectively.

I&#8217;m also quite

I’m also quite frustrated with odd usage of singular and plural words. Hearing about “the death of 3 American troops”, where the intention is to report that 3 soldiers have died, is very jarring. I find the Brits are in on the singular/plural issue. They often use a plural verb with a collective noun or with a singular noun describing an organization or group, e.g., “The W.H.O. are meeting to….”

Boom shakalaka boom

Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solved.

Moi,ihan kiinnostava

Moi,ihan kiinnostavaa asiaa sulla te4e4lle4. Nettijulkaisuteksteje4si lueskisa kiinnitin huomiota julkaisemaasi kuvamateriaaliin. Mainitset le4hteen, mutta onko sinulla lupa kuvien ke4yttf6f6n ja maksatko niiden julkaisemisesta jotain? Juuri sise4ltf6markkinoinnin ollessa kyseesse4, nousee julkaistun materiaalin ke4yttf6oikeus framille.

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You're on top of the

You're on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

Hi there just wanted

Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Kudos

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looking for somethin

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looking for something equivalent to “Peace and Calm” I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s supposed to work on agitated husbands and black labs with ADHD. The oils I’ve seen so far are costly. Is there a more affordable blend that works?

Real brain power on

Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

None can doubt the v

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None can doubt the veracity of this article.

Cleo, your recaps al

Cleo, your recaps always fill me with glee. =)This series just has so much LOLWHAT going on. Everytime I start getting into it, I'm just like "wow, Anna's accent!** Gosh, look at Stephen Moyen ~smoulder~! Bloody hell, that's Vinnie from Home and Away?" And, of course: "WERECOLLIE!"But yeah, it is ridiculous good fun. I thought the show really hit its stride in the next episode (1x05).**Can Southern US people enlighten me: are the accents in this show realistic?? They sound a little on the exaggerated/stereotyped side to me, but I can't really judge.

Fell out of bed feel

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I like to party, not

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